TV Pilot

Gloves … Every day’s a fight. (TV Series Pilot)

Grayson Love, a failed pro boxer from San Francisco’s inner city, and Cait Hennessey, an up-and-coming lawyer from the city’s wealthiest district, come from diametrically opposed worlds. But when their paths cross at Gloves, a fight-training gym in the city’s transforming dockyards, Grayson and Cait forge a dangerous bond, discovering that their fight for survival — and the truth of who they are — is a battle that transcends race, class, and culture. For these young fighters, the ultimate bout has only just begun.

Against the backdrop of fight-gym culture — a world I love, and know intimately from almost 15 years of serious, amateur fighter training in Muay Thai and American boxing — Gloves (a gritty, one-hour cable drama targeted for Netflix) was the perfect assignment. I conceived and delivered series taglines, loglines, detailed character bios and relationship matrices, treatments, outlines, beat sheets, and a pilot script. I built a fully realized world of complex characters, backstories, plausible and conflicting character motivations, intertwining relationships, episodic story arcs, season cliff-hangers, and gripping storylines that could strongly sustain a series.