Creative Copy for Cream-of-the-Crop Brands

I’m privileged to be a go-to creative vendor for this prominent branding house headquartered in New York. Most projects are highly confidential, but the topline looks something like this: I’ve devised, created, wrote, and crafted brand language, brand-based storytelling, and package romance-copy for a hip new liquor, as part of its maiden product-rollout; I’ve written and crafted new package romance-copy and website storytelling for an historic, national dessert brand; I’ve written in-store advertising copy for a new national cleaning product; I’ve devised punch copy for new-business mood and pitch books, and drafted brand books for select projects; and I’ve created dynamic new product names, taglines, slogans, package romance-copy, pitch books, and more for an exciting new rollout of a trending spirit in the Millennial category.