Caltech … Rebranding Science, Rekindling Awe

I’ve had the honor of working with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) on multiple occasions. In partnership with the university’s marketing and communications, and alumni relations departments, I’ve aided in various print and online initiatives, most notably as part of a team helping to manifest a radical rebranding effort for this pre-eminent institution. By focusing on the awe and excitement inherent in scientific discovery, and the wonder of innovation in action — and why it matters — we modernized Caltech’s voice-and-tone to match a fresh new look-and-feel, all while maintaining the humility, grounded authority, and understated grandeur of the university, and the minds making history within it. Projects have included E&S magazine, Caltech’s annual report, public-facing collateral, esteemed alumni profiles, high-profile brochures, and more.