Ideation … A Career of Inspired Solutions

For the past 12 years, I’ve worked for a select roster of elite, futurist think-tanks, creative incubators, and national ideation firms that help Fortune 100 and 500 companies develop new and innovative packaged goods and consumer products across a dizzying array of categories. My career as an ideator has encompassed cutting-edge technology, digital media, gaming and toy development, entertainment / programming, and consumer goods. This work is intense, creative, challenging, fun, and highly confidential.

I can’t talk about the work, but I can talk about my skills in the room.

To each challenge, I bring a lifelong exposure to science, high tech, literature, fine arts, music, and the natural world. This fuels my lightning-fast ability to see rich, unexplored connections between seemingly disparate things. I’m skilled at collaborating with experts from widely divergent fields, and can elegantly facilitate communication between stakeholders with radically different perspectives. I hold left-brain and right-brain talents, and have deep experience and formal training in active listening, improvisation, creative-building, presentation, and facilitation. Beyond that, I’ve got an outcome-oriented internal navigation system that never goes offline; and I bring an open, can-do attitude, curiosity and enthusiasm, and unflagging energy to every team I serve.