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Who I Am

I’m a first-gen American who was raised in Berkeley by a family of artists, musicians, and scientists. I came up in the world as a feisty, kinetic tomboy, but I’ve mellowed into a creative secret-weapon who’s passionate about story.

My career has played out on the frontier of emerging technology, media, and cultural trends. I cut my teeth at the Apple Multimedia Lab; became a founding partner of Wired magazine; created groundbreaking gaming titles for Interval Research; and crafted dynamic programming at Ninth House Network. I’m now a go-to ideator for Fortune 100 brands, and develop content for national consumer products and boutique creative agencies. My internal guideposts are simple …

Innovation with integrity   •   Creativity with conscience   •   Storytelling for social responsibility.

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What I Do

I craft resonant communications for brands large and small, and bring 12 years of experience creating, guiding, and supervising the creative development process from concept through execution.

I invent products. I build brands. I craft messaging. I weave stories.
I find patterns. I solve problems. I envision strategies. I develop systems.
I forge connections. I inspire teams. I achieve consensus. I generate million-dollar ideas.

Forged within Silicon Valley’s highest-profile startups and think-tanks, my entrepreneurial spirit drives me to consistently meet budget, project, and creative objectives within (sometimes aggressive) production timelines. And as a former journalist, I pride myself on having never blown a deadline.

I imagine possibilities. I discern meaning. I create narrative. I write … everything.

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How I Think

I’m rabid about co-creating a future dedicated to the greater good.

Formally schooled in classical music, creative writing, traditional storytelling, and improvisational theatre, I’m at my best when I’m …

Creating new stories rooted in hope   •   Sharing new visions that inspire empathy and cultural change   •   Helping people envision, design, and manifest the world we aspire to live in   •   Collaborating with kick-ass, creative, like-minded teams.

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There’s the work, and there’s the person behind the work. When you’re seeking inspired collaborators, drama-free team members, and allies who can help a project sail smoothly (no matter the setbacks), it’s the person, not just the expertise, that can make all the difference. Personality, … soft skills, … attitude, … they’re hard to quantify on paper (or in pixels). But here’s where you’ll find the stuff that speaks to my all-around character — from insights revealed by Meyers-Briggs, traits explained by the GOOD 100 Doer Type methodology, and testimony from my clients, managers, and mentors. Here’s what Google won’t tell you.



“I can’t say enough good things about Blaed Spence. I have hired her as an ideator and writer for my innovation consultancy on numerous occasions over the past decade. She consistently delivers creative solutions that hit the mark for a diverse set of national clients. I can depend on Blaed to quickly grasp different business objectives, and then apply her talent and insight to the creation of new product ideas, product-concepts, or website copy. She brings high energy and impact to groups or projects, and people love to work with her. Blaed is definitely on my A-list of creative collaborators.”
Chris Fagan  •  Founder  •  SparkFire

One-Stop Shop

 “Blaed Spence is a one-stop creative shop. Her channel is as wide as the heavens, as old as the runes; her craft as sophisticated and sharp as the edgiest technology. In fact, the bridge that her creativity spans — light to dark, past present future — is nothing short of prodigious. It takes a big heart — and a brave artist — to cover that much territory. That Blaed is also a team-player, and one of the loveliest humans you’ll ever meet, makes her even more impressive.”
Bruce Gelfand  •  Writer, Teacher, Coach  •  LA, NY, SF

Gets It Done

“Blaed Spence gets it done on the page. As a storyteller she comes through every single time — no matter the genre — with clean, tight arcs, illuminating language, and innovative images. Somewhere out there, spinning in the universe, are several Blaed-created worlds, populated by her vivid characters and their complex, compelling dilemmas.”
Dana Calvo  •  Writer, Producer  •  Studio 60, Journeyman, Greek, Covert Affairs, Franklin & Bash, Made in Jersey

Truly Remarkable

“With 20 years of manufacturing experience in the craft, gift, and jewelry industries, we were ready to take our brand and company to the next level. Based on a trusted recommendation, we sought the expertise of Blaed Spence to help us tell our unique story, communicate our core values, and spotlight our unique brand attributes. Blaed developed the voice of Nunn Design by asking the right questions, listening carefully, and getting to know us in a swift and timely manner. She seamlessly became a crucial, respected, and well-liked member of our team. What Blaed Spence did for our company was truly remarkable. She is a person I would turn to over and over again.”
Becky Nunn • Founder and CEO • Nunn Design

Invaluable Resource

“Blaed’s boundless energy and astounding ability to look at projects from oblique angles has been, and continues to be, an invaluable resource for my firm. Blaed has an innate ability to capture the voice of a client or brand, and distill that voice into an effective and compelling branding message.”
Rick McGregor  •  Creative Director  •  McGregor Creative, Inc.

%!$#ing  Brilliant

 “Ever since our days together at Wired, Blaed is the first person I think of when I need a creative brainstorming session that will lead to results. Her ability to nail the essence of the challenge is nothing less than  %!$#ing  brilliant.”
— Jeff Wardell  •   Principal  •  Wardell+Sagan Projekt



“Blaed is a hundred-watt bulb in a sixty-watt lamp.”
Sam Christensen  •  Founder and CEO  •  Sam Christensen Studios


 “Sure, she’s an ambassador from the Island of Misfit Toys. But she’s as refreshing as a glacial stream.”
Paul Ryder  •  PhD, Assistant Professor  •  University of San Francisco


The Social Cartographer


According to the GOOD 100 Doer Type test, I straddle two closely related Doer Types. As a Social Cartographer, my work reveals high-level truths that would otherwise be invisible from the ground. I yearn to guide in a larger sense, by uncovering the hows and whys of the terrain, and discovering the true nature of what’s in front of us. I’m patient and precise, balancing an artistic edge with discipline and (very) high personal standards. I seek the deepest possible understanding of a subject. Always. And my perspective elevates the conversation, delivering a whole new look at the everyday. I hold a mindset that’s rooted in the Macrocosm, and am predisposed to more abstract, philosophical approaches to problem-solving. I’m comfortable working Solo as a self-motivated Hacker who orients toward action that modifies existing structures.

The Inspirer


Established in 1962 by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator has long reigned as the professional gold-standard of personality classification. According to the MBTI, I’m an ENFP (Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving), categorized as The Inspirer. As an ENFP, I’m warmly enthusiastic and imaginative, seeing life as full of possibilities. I make connections between events and information swiftly, then proceed confidently based on the clear patterns I discern. I readily give appreciation and support, and want the same affirmation from others. I’m spontaneous, flexible, and courageous; broadly skilled, and adept at improvising. My passion and enthusiasm allows me to inspire and motivate others. I seek to align all that I do with highly evolved personal values.

The Divining Rod


As a Divining Rod, I’m a deep thinker: a contemplator of the cosmos. A diligent student of science, I’m also a dreamer who never forgets that anything is possible. I’m not afraid to take on the big questions of the human condition, and in fact spend a great deal of time ruminating on them. I’m deeply humbled by my own place in the universe, and also riotously emboldened by my faith in what people can achieve individually, and together. I’m an Inventor and Collaborator. And similar to my Social Cartographer tendencies, I hold a perspective rooted in the Macrocosm, and am predisposed to more abstract, philosophical approaches to problem-solving.

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